Several car windows hit with rocks in Northeast Portland


People in several Northeast Portland neighborhoods are fed up with the cars getting vandalized. They say someone is going around smashing windows with rocks.

A neighbor who goes by Justin says the vandal got his truck on Northeast 138th Avenue and San Rafael Street. The vandal used a a piece of asphalt to dent it and to break off the side mirror.

"It's ridiculous. There's not reason for it. What does it benefit doing this? It comes out of everybody's pocket," said Justin. "It made me sick actually, honestly, it's my work truck, company truck."

A couple of blocks away on Northeast Sacramento street, the back windshield of a Mercedes Benz was hit. Around the corner on Northwest 146th Avenue and Brazee Street, Maria and her family woke up to a broken window.

"We thought we were targets that something or someone was actually trying to hurt us," she said.

She says her sister's car alarm went off around 2 a.m., and they found both the front and back windshields smashed. The rock that hit them was still in the car. They're worried if someone can do that to a car, they won't be afraid break into a home.

"It's very concerning. We were very frightened that night. My sister was really, really anxious and nervous, she couldn't sleep," said Maria.

Her next-door neighbor, Marian McDonald, left Maria a note saying her neighbors have her back.

"Knowing your neighbors and working with them is your best defense," said McDonald.

Neighbors will be watching closely, some too scared to park their car on the road. They hope this never will never again.

The suspect seems to be targeting cars parked on the street.

Police don't have any suspects at this time.

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