Sherwood man arrested in child sex crime case after teen victim comes forward


A teenage girl came to her school resource officer earlier this month to report sexual abuse from nearly a decade ago, and the subsequent investigation led Portland police to arrest the primary suspect Wednesday.

The young girl alleges 48-year-old Rick Rayborn of Sherwood sexually abused her while she was a child. Rayborn, now jailed in Multnomah County, faces charges including unlawful sexual penetration and two counts of first-degree sex abuse.

Police say the victim told people at the school she attends now about the alleged incident, and the school contacted police who started an investigation in early May.

"The school staff brought in the school resource officer who then worked with the victim to get that information to the Portland Police Bureau sex crimes unit," said Sergeant Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau. "Detectives then followed that information up, developed that probable cause, and arrested this man."

Rayborn pleaded not guilty to the charges during his first court appearance Thursday afternoon.

Court records show Rayborn told jail staff he was using meth 11 years ago, around the time of the alleged incident. Records also indicate Rayborn knew the alleged victim through a mutual friend for the past 15 years.

"We do see cases from time to time where a victim will come forward about something that happened in their past. And it's often someone who was a young child at the time and has repressed that or has kept it secret for many years," Simpson said. "These incidents occurred more than a decade ago, but it's an important case for people to know that victims who've been abused in the past still have the ability to come forward and detectives will listen to that and potentially be able to make an arrest in those cases."

If you know anything relating to this case, you're encouraged to contact detectives at 503-823-0880.

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