Take in the sights and sounds of the Gorge on a winter's day -- without going there

A family takes a selfie in the Columbia River Gorge on Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017 as Multnomah Falls appears to pour from the clouds in the background. (KATU Photo)

The cold, snowy and icy weather didn’t stop people Wednesday from visiting one of the region’s greatest treasures: The Columbia River Gorge.

Even in the winter it’s a place of breathtaking beauty.

Fog had settled above the walls of the towering cliffs, making it appear the more than 600-foot Multnomah Falls poured from the clouds.

The roads were still dicey after the storms this week brought snow and freezing rain to the region. Several motorists got stuck along the sides of Interstate 84. But others helped to get them on the road again.

There were snowball fights, families that took in the sights, and couples out for strolls. Things still rolled along despite the weather, as was evidenced by the trains that made their way along snow-lined tracks.

Below, we’ve put together a short video that captured these sights and sounds. Enjoy!

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