Sign making offensive joke about domestic violence found outside Portland bar

Area 52 poster (Courtesy Amy Shapiro Bossard).jpg

A sign making an offensive joke about domestic violence was found outside a Portland bar Wednesday morning, and bartenders say they're not responsible for it.

The sign was found at Area 52 Bar and Grill at SE 52nd Avenue and Bybee Boulevard, and read: "We like our beer like we like our violence - domestic."

"My jaw dropped to the floor, I come from a varied background myself I've had domestic violence incidents happen around me, terrifying," Brentwood/Darlington Neighborhood Watch captain Grant Williams said.

The owner of Area 52, Ryan Goosmann says they had absolutely nothing to do with it.

"We are a neighborhood bar, anyone who knows us knows that's not something we would ever tolerate," Goosmann said.

Instead he says he believes someone walking by wrote it over night.

"Yeah it's just like the taggers, that tag all the buildings and that crap, someone is just being awful," Goosmann said.

Goosmann says hatred is not something his bar tolerates and will be checking surveillance cameras.

Residents like Williams hope this incident wont tarnish the neighborhood.

"This is not Brentwood/Darlington, this incident is isolated and not something I would consider the prevalent mentality of this neighborhood," Williams said. "Why would the local business frame themselves as sympathetic to people who beat other people up in their home, the Brentwood/Darlington people I know wouldn't do that."

The sign has since been erased, Goosmann says they wont be putting the sign out again.

Other neighbors I spoke with tell me this isn't the first time the bar's signs caught their attention... and not in a good way. Something Goosmann disagrees with.

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