Six arrested in Cowlitz County; 34 guns, body armor, masks, ammunition, drugs found

Courtesy Cowlitz Co. Sheriff's Office

Cowlitz County Sheriff's deputies say they arrested six people in connection with a "large-scale" stolen firearm investigation.

Deputies have been working the case since November 2017, when a victim reported 27 guns stolen from their home.

Deputies uncovered those weapons plus seven more inside the home, along with body armor, masks, ammunition, and drug paraphernalia. The guns were found hidden in the woods, in homes, inside a boat, a lawnmower and in two instances, in local rivers.

The following individuals were arrested in connection with the case on various charges:

  • Nicholas Wirkkala, 35, of Longview
  • Zachary R. Sweetin, 33, of Longview
  • David J. Novy, 59, of Longview
  • Shannon Lee Chandler, 41, of Longview
  • Keith L. Zigler of Castle Rock
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