KATU crew finds man donning Timber Joey's stolen gear

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Timber Joey, the official club mascot of the Timbers, and said someone got away with a ton of his official gear during a car break-in on Saturday.

A KATU crew spotted someone wearing the gear while on assignment along West Burnside, and managed to returned the gear to Timber Joey within just a few hours.

Joey Webber (AKA Timber Joey) posted on Facebook that someone stole a slew of his Portland Timbers gear from his car Saturday night, including jerseys, a helmet, his suspenders and a power head.

KATU's Cory Marshall and photographer Eric Williams were at Burnside Bridge Sunday night reporting on a separate story when they spotted a stranger donning Timber Joey's stolen gear.

The man donning Timber Joey's gear quickly gave all of it to Marshall. He told KATU he had found the bag, with the gear inside, at a nearby bus stop. Both Marshall and Williams were recording video on their phones when they approached the man in the apparel. Portland Police were contacted and have the video as well.

Marshall reunited Webber with the gear Sunday night during which the beloved mascot thanked the Timber Army for the shared posts and support, "We have a great group of people in this town and I think the great group will overcome those that do bad things, like break into people's cars."

Among the reunited items was a jersey with the initials "J.C" on the sleeve. Webber says they are the initials of a friend who passed away last year. He had promised the one-of-a-kind jersey to his friend's family. The jersey was also worn during every game last season, including the historic MLS Cup Finals win.

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