Stepson of accused murderer files lawsuit against her

Nancy Lee Crampton Brophy appears in court on September 6, 2018.

Nathaniel Stillwater, stepson of Nancy Crampton Brophy, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her, saying she murdered his father Dan Brophy.

Crampton Brophy is already facing murder charges in the death of Brophy, a well-known Portland chef.

Stillwater's civil lawsuit seeks up to $1.7 million in damages from Crampton Brophy. He's asking for damages related to Brophy's pain and suffering before he died, the loss of the Brophy estate, and his own personal parental loss.

"We felt the criminal case has been stalled," Stillwater said in a statement to KATU News. "We're just trying to protect the assets of the estate of my father."

Crampton Brophy is accused of shooting and killing Dan Brophy at the Oregon Culinary Institute in June 2018.

Crampton Brophy was also a romance novelist who once published an essay titled "How to Murder Your Husband."

Crampton Brophy has a bail hearing scheduled for April.

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