Last-minute shopping for eclipse glasses? Make sure you buy a verified pair

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One of the most important supplies for the total solar eclipse on Monday morning will be the eclipse glasses.

If you've already picked up a pair, it is important to make sure they meet the safety requirements. Only a few seconds of exposure to the sun's light can cause permanent, life-long damage.

This is especially true after some manufacturers produced fraudulent pairs, prompting recall alerts from some retailers.

Your glasses must have:

The American Astronomical Society released a list of vendors that they consider reputable.

Monday's eclipse shadow will first make landfall in the U.S. on the Oregon coastline, and state officials want to help you protect your eyes.

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Anyone stopping by the state Capitol steps can pick up a pair of free glasses. They had 1,000 glasses to hand out Sunday, and they plan to restock with another 1,000 pairs at 8 a.m. Monday.

If you still need glasses in the Portland area, you might want to head to Pioneer Square. Neil Dickinson is selling eclipse glasses until 8 p.m. Sunday.

He says his brother has been chasing eclipses for decades. This year, Dickinson said, he decided to make the trip from Sacramento to Madras and sell glasses along the way.

"These things are cheaply made, they're cheap to make, they're cheap to buy. So when a person gets that greedy to the point where they're going to mess up people's health, for what? For cents, for pennies? I mean come on. It wouldn't cost that much more to make them proper," said Dickinson.

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