Stumptown Startups: Untangle those ear buds

"All of us have dealt with this, which is the natural state of the ear buds after they come out of your pocket or bag," John Friess said, holding up ear buds in a tangled mess.

Friess has done his homework and says the typical ear bud owner spends five hours a year trying to untangle them. He admits it's not the most devastating problem to have.

"It's clearly a first-world problem, but we wanted to have a first-world solution to it," Friess said.

He thinks he's got the answer. It's called Snap Buds, and it's a series of magnets that attach to your existing ear buds. They snap right together to prevent tangling.

He recently launched a fundraising campaign and already has nearly $45,000 in pre-orders.

"In the first four days of the campaign we got contacted by Brookstone with interest in having the exclusive on it. We got contacted by two different people internationally wanting exclusive rights to distribute it," Friess said.

Friess hopes they will be on store shelves by this summer. There are three different versions, which will run you $13 to $20.

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