Summer guide: Where can I watch 4th of July fireworks on Independence Day?

Each year, thousands line the Willamette River for Portland's 4th of July fireworks display, which is hosted by the Waterfront Blues Festival. The city shuts down the Hawthorne Bridge so Portlanders can get a front row seat to the dazzling display. (KATU photo taken 7-4-2017 by Tristan Fortsch)

The Fourth of July is here again; a time to celebrate Independence day with family, food, and (of course) fireworks. | Send us your photos!

Many people will be lighting off fountains and sparklers at their BBQs to celebrate the holiday. But for those who want to leave the "rockets' red glare" to the pros, we've compiled a list of locations where you can catch all the "bombs bursting in air."

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If your neighbors are setting off illegal fireworks, there are several numbers to call.

And remember, while fireworks may be fun for you, your pet may not be as amused.

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