Survivor and family of man killed in MAX stabbing meet for first time

Micah Fletcher meets Taliesin Namkai-Meche's mother - KATU photo

People from multiple faiths gathered Sunday to heal and to honor the heroes of the deadly max stabbing during an interfaith memorial service at the Muslim Educational Trust Community Center in Tigard.

For the families of the men who passed away - Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche - and for surviving hero Micah David-Cole Fletcher, this is a meeting they will never forget.

For the first time, Micah met with Taliesin's mother Asha Deliverance.

"I just wanted him to know that he is loved," Deliverance said to Fletcher.

That message of love was weaved throughout the memorial, featuring statements from multiple faith leaders, community members, and the families impacted the most.

"I am no hero. There are no heroes in this fight. Just people who realized that there's a mistake made a longtime ago and we must fix it, whatever the cost is," Fletcher said to the filled room at the Muslim Educational Trust Community Center.

Fletcher, Namkai-Meche's family and Rick Best's family were honored with plaques and a standing ovation. Ricky Best's family was unable to make it to the memorial, but send send their condolences and gratitude for the community's support.

The three families are now forever bound by the act of love and bravery.

"I'm so grateful that the heavens allowed that to happen, because what the world needs now is love more than ever," said Deliverance.

Teresa Van Olphen told KATU News that Namkai-Meche's brother created a projection on the side of City Hall in Portland as a gift from the family to the community for the support they've received.

The projection will be shown every night on the side of City Hall. | READ MORE

The family told me that was their gift to Portland for the overwhelming support they've received from the community.

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