Man accused of trying to bring gun to rally in Federally-controlled Portland park

Booking photo for Jay Byron Bishop alongside a file driver's license photo for Bishop

PORTLAND, Ore. - Federal agents arrested a man Sunday accused of bringing a gun to a rally and counter protest at Terry Schrunk Free Speech Plaza in downtown Portland.

Dozens were gathered in the park Sunday afternoon for a Patriot Prayer rally and counter protest. There are signs posted outside the park to remind people of the law that bans firearms from the Federally-controlled plaza. Federal Protective Services was searching anyone who was bringing a bag or container into the park.

Portland Police said agents detained Jay Bishop, who is accused of trying to bring a gun into the park.

He was booked on felon in possession of a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon with bail set $6,500.

Court records show that on Monday a no complaint was filed in his case, he did not appear in front of a judge, and he was released from custody.

KATU News interviewed Bishop for a story in March of 2016 after he appealed for his right to wear a fox hat in his Oregon driver's license photo on the grounds it was covered as a religious exemption.

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