Suspect accused of two Portland-area robberies, shooting woman with flare gun

Booking photo for William Davis from the Multnomah County Jail.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Officers arrested a man Monday who is accused of several recent crimes, including robbery and shooting a woman in the chest with a flare gun.

The alleged crime spree started back on February 25 when the suspect, later identified as William Davis, stopped into a gas station on Northeast Broadway, bought $5 worth of gas, went into the store and walked out with two muffins.

The gas station attendant confronted him and asked if he’d paid for the muffins. Court documents state he claimed he had left some money on the counter, pinned the attendant against his Oldsmobile Cutlass, punched her in the face, and threatened he’d come back and kill her before driving off.

On March 4, a probable cause document said Davis went to a Walmart and filled up his backpack, a Walmart backpack, and a toolbox with items from the store and started heading toward the door.

A loss prevention officer said he saw the suspect steal a flare gun while in the store. The employee tried to stop Davis as he was leaving and he put down the Walmart backpack and toolbox but refused to open his own backpack.

The loss prevention employee said Davis told him he had a gun and “would shoot if they didn’t back off.” He reportedly pulled out the flare gun before leaving the store and driving off in a “boxy sedan.” Police showed witnesses a photo of Davis’s driver’s license photo and they confirmed he was the suspect.

On March 8, police were called out on reports of an assault. The victim said a man matching Davis’s description started following her. She told him that she “had nothing for him to take” and he allegedly put a flare gun to her neck and said he was “on a mission,” the probable cause document states.

The woman said she talked with Davis for about 10 to 15 minutes before he put the flare gun away. When she tried to leave, she told police that Davis pulled out the flare gun and shot her in the chest.

The woman was bruised and needed medical attention from the flare gun injury.

On Monday (March 11), officers found Davis’s Oldsmobile Cutlass and determined that he matched the description of the man in the two robberies and the man involved in the assault.

He was later booked into the Multnomah County Jail on first, second, and third-degree robbery charges, second-degree assault. His bail is set at $755,000.

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