Community remembers those killed in Canby home: 'It's sad'

Luminaries for victims of Clackamas County homicide - KATU image

All Sunday evening, people left flowers, stuffed animals, and candles outside Jerry and Pam Bremer's Canby home, each attached with a message to show how much the couple was loved.

Clackamas Sheriff's deputies say the couple and one of their granddaughters, 9-month-old Olivia Gago, were among the five who were killed inside their home on Saturday night.

Becky Knoth says she and her mother were close to the Bremers.

"If you needed 5 bucks, she'll give it to you. Pam was happy go lucky person. Jerry was a sweet guy too," she said. "Pam was a well loving grandmother. She'd do anything for her grand-kids. She made sure they had a home, they were clothed."

Knoth says the suspect was Pam's Bremer's son and Olivia's father, Mark Gago. She says she has known him since he was young.

"I've never had a problem with Mark. He was an outgoing kid. I don't know. I'm confused myself," said Knoth.

Shaina Sweitzer was also killed in the home.

Knoth says Sweitzer was Gago's girlfriend and Olivia's mother. She adds that the three lived with the Bremers to help them.

"I feel bad for Pam and her husband, because he was wheelchair-bound pretty much because he had a mini stroke. He couldn't get up and move around. It's sad," she said.

Deputies say they shot and killed Gago inside just as he was about to kill another child.

Knoth that child was Shaina's other daughter.

The little girl and an adult survived with wounds, but are expected to survive.

At this time, deputies aren't saying what led up to the murders, but Knoth says there was an argument that night.

Deputies have not confirmed the relationships of the people involved.

Gago's family is asking for privacy at this time.

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