Suspect pepper-sprays three dogs and a person during home break-in near Canby

Suspect in bear mace burglary outside Canby - Images from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

CANBY, Ore. – Deputies are looking for a brazen burglary suspect who used a can of bear mace on a man and three dogs after breaking into a home near Canby on Tuesday night.

Investigators say the suspect kicked in the back door of a home on S Good Lane and Hwy 170 at about 7 p.m. Tuesday and proceeded to burglarize the home.

Deputies said he ultimately made off with a gun, jewelry, and medication.

Amberlyn Keifer was at the mall with her daughter when the suspect broke into her home. She received an alert on her phone from the home’s security system, and she asked a friend, Jonathan Turner, to go check on the house.

“Took me about five minutes to get here,” said Turner.

Security video shows the suspect walking around the home for several minutes before making his way to the back porch. Keifer says he broke through their back door and began going through every room in her home.

“He turned the whole inside, upside-down and it was just covered in bear mace,” said Keifer. “My dogs were freaking out. My dogs were just drenched in bear mace. It was bad. You could barely breathe inside.”

Three of Keifer’s four dogs were home at the time. Two were free in the house, one of them was in a kennel. She says the suspect pepper sprayed all of them.

“Wherever my dogs were, they sprayed bear mace,” she said.

Their youngest dog, a 9-month-old rescue named Bailey, was in the kennel. She got the worst of it.

“She was sprayed beyond belief with bear mace while she was kenneled and unable to get out,” Keifer said.

Two days after the incident, all three dogs appeared to be okay.

When Turner walked in back door, he reached for a handgun. That is when the suspect appeared right in front of him, standing in the kitchen.

Turner asked who the man was. He said the man identified himself Todd Figs, then sprayed Turner in the chest and face with mace before running off.

“It still burns today,” said Turner.

As the suspect ran off, Turner says he fired a warning gunshot into the backyard.

A getaway driver in a red, '90s vintage Ford Explorer with tan trim was waiting in the driveway, and the suspect got into the passenger seat. Deputies do not know what direction the getaway driver took when fleeing the scene.

“I want them to get caught, this shouldn't happen to people. If it happened at my house, how many houses have they hit,” said Keifer.

The suspect is described as a white man, about 6 feet tall, weighing 200-205 pounds, with “scraggly” facial hair. He was wearing black ball cap with what looked like a silver sticker on the bill, red t-shirt, cargo shorts, white socks, black Adidas shoes. Witnesses say he had a black backpack with black gloves

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