Teen pushed off bridge released from hospital; criminal investigation continues

Macey Tucker, left, poses for a photo with her friend Jordan Holgerson, right, after Holgerson was released from the hospital on Aug. 10, 2018. Holgerson was seriously injured after she was pushed off a bridge into the East Fork Lewis River. (Photo courtesy Macey Holgerson)

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Kalama High School student who broke five ribs and damaged her lung after she was pushed off a bridge 50-feet above the East Fork Lewis River was released from the hospital Friday, a friend told KATU News.

Macey Tucker says her friend, 16-year-old Jordan Holgerson, is doing well.

She was pushed off the Moulton Falls arch bridge into the water on Tuesday. Doctors say she’s lucky to be alive.

The terrifying plunge was captured on video.

KATU News spoke with Holgerson Thursday while she was still at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.

She said she had initially wanted to jump off the bridge after she saw a friend do it.

“I went to the top of the bridge and my other – my friend she came up to the bridge with me,” Holgerson said as she described the moments leading up to the push. “And so, she was counting down, but I didn’t think anything of it. And I was like, ‘No, don’t count down, like, I won’t go if you count down. I’m not ready.’ And then, she pushed me.”

An off-duty EMT and Holgerson’s other friends helped pull her from the water.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is calling this a criminal investigation. Detectives are handling the case, and they say the suspect is cooperating fully with the investigation. They expect it to take several days for the detectives to interview all the witnesses and the victim.

They’re looking into what girl who pushed Holgerson’s intentions were and if she had any ill will.

Although Holgerson is now out of the hospital, she said it will take several weeks to recover.

"I can't do anything active for six weeks. I'm supposed to keep walking and try and make my lungs healthier," she said.

She was thinking of trying out for the high school volleyball or soccer team, but instead she’ll be resting and taking walks for the next several weeks.

Holgerson's family started a GoFundMe page to help pay for medical bills. If you're interested in donating, click here.

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