Teen recovers in the hospital after hit-and-run in Clark County

Nicole Oana (black shirt) and first responders, tend to 13-year-old Halie Oana, who was hit by a driver who fled the scene Wednesday. (Photo: Mike Waddell)

A 13-year-old is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a car in Hazel Dell on Wednesday evening.

Halie Oana was with her younger brother walking home from Tenny Creek Park when she crossed a street and was hit by a dark colored truck. The driver of the truck took off, failing to check on Halie.

“I ran out to the street and she was laying in the middle of the road,” Nicole Oana said.

Nicole, Halie’s mom, says the entire thing felt like slow motion. Her little girl, her baby, now injured in a street.

“I thought I was losing her,” Nicole said. “The worst imaginable. I thought when I got there she wouldn’t be alive, blood everywhere. I thought it would be the end for her.”

Nicole sat in the road comforting and trying to remain strong for her daughter.

“Oh, it was horrible, there was nothing I could do. I knew she was in all this pain, and I’m her mom, I’m supposed to protect her. There was just nothing I could do,” Nicole said.

She couldn't help but think the worst.

“Everything changes in an instant and seeing her laying in that hospital bed, I keep thinking she could be gone right now,” Nicole said.

And now, as her daughter heals in the hospital with a broken leg and scrapes and bruises, she wonders why someone would do this.

“Now I’m not sad, I’m mad that someone could do that and take off and leave a baby in the street like that,” Nicole said.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office says it is still looking for the driver of that dark colored truck. If anyone has information they are asked to call.

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