Terri Horman e-mails: 'They are blaming me'

    PORTLAND, Ore. - Long before news of the alleged murder-for-hire plot and sexting affairs, it seems Terri Moulton Horman knew suspicions were settled on her, according to e-mails written by Horman and obtained first by KATU News.

    "They are blaming me in the blogs. I just want to scream," she wrote in one e-mail to a KATU News source the day after her stepson, Kyron Horman, was reported to be vanished from Skyline School during a science fair. Investigators say Terri Horman was the last person to see Kyron.

    "The teacher thought I said I was going to take Kyron with Kitty for a doctor's appt.," she wrote on June 5, 2010. "I said I was going to look at other exhibits - how do you mess that up? His coat and backpack were still at school. I left the school at 9 and he was seen with a man 'chaperone' and 2 girls after I left. There were no men on the chaperone list. That and it was highly chaotic - had to been 300 people running around - no coordination ..."

    The reference to her daughter's doctor visit was not mentioned again in a follow-up e-mail sent later that day:

    "I didn't just drop him off, I spent time with him, took pictures and he was in safe hands I thought as I watched him walk down the hall.

    "Kids saw him after I left. Teacher put him as absent at 10am. Someplace between 9-10 is when we think it happened.

    "I have a receipt showing I was checking out at Fred Meyer 7 miles away at 9:12am. I went to another FM looking for meds for Kitty they didn't have at the first FM. Then I was trying to get Kitty to sleep in the truck for a few minutes, but no go, so off to the gym at 11:20. Out at 12:20. Home at 12:45. Kaine home at 2. Bus at 3:30. That was my day - they keep asking me. Now on my 5th interview with them ..."

    Horman went on to talk about Kyron's recent behavior:

    "The past 2 weeks he's been acting really weird. Staring off into space. Can't remember anything. Walks into the room and then back out, stopping to stare and then move on. The doc thinks that he is having mini seizures and I made an appt on Thursday for next Friday to have him checked out."

    That contradicts what multiple sources have told KATU News. In the days before the science fair, Terri informed Kyron's teacher he had the appointment that day, June 4, which is why no one expected he would be in class and was marked absent.

    Meanwhile on Monday, an acquaintance of Terri Horman said Terri was very upset the weeks before Kyron vanished because she said her husband, Kaine, was making her teenage son move out of the couple's home.

    Also on Monday, friends of Terri who worked out with her at 24-Hour Fitness testified before a grand jury.

    According to sources, the friends were not extremely close to Terri but they were close enough that Terri often confided in them with issues from her home.

    The Oregonian reported on Monday that investigators are trying to learn if another adult was sitting in the white pickup truck that Terri Horman drove to Skyline School on the day Kyron disappeared. The newspaper reports the person may have been in the truck while Terri was with Kyron at the science fair.

    Lt. Mary Lindstrand, spokeswoman for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, said Monday night she cannot comment on details of an open investigation.

    In a press release Monday afternoon, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office said it plans to hold a news conference on Wednesday, Aug. 11, at 11 a.m. The briefing is expected to release details in an effort to get the public's help in the case. KATU.com plans to stream the press conference live beginning just before 11 a.m..

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