Thank you! You helped raise almost $20,000 for those affected by Harvey

A boy donates a jar of coins to the Salvation Army in KATU's parking lot Friday as part of the relief effort for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. (KATU Photo)

We asked you to help, and you responded in a big way.

You donated nearly $20,000 locally in our Sinclair Cares: Standing Strong for Texas fundraiser and $500,000 nationally.

All day Friday, people drove up to the KATU studios to donate.

The Salvation Army’s Jared Arnold saw your donations as a way to share in the effort to help those affected by the storm in Texas.

“We’re down there with volunteers. We’re down there with the community who’s being affected,” he said. “We’re helping with others alongside, so it’s a great opportunity for those to join in with the Salvation Army to help their neighbors.”

People were eager to help out.

And a disaster can bring out unexpected generosity. KATU’s Joe English offered up his famous “storm tracking hat” for a handsome donation.

And it’s not too late to late to help. Click here to donate.

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