The Dalles dog suffers 'malicious attack', animal control investigating

Animal control is investigating a report of a dog attacked in the Dalles. Photo courtesy Jennifer Lynn Coleman

Warning, some of the images contain graphic content.

THE DALLES, Ore. – A dog was brutally attacked in a family’s backyard in The Dalles Sunday, and the dog, named 'Blue', may be tho only one who knows who did it.

"The animal control officer who came to investigate said 'I wish he could talk to us" said the dog's owner Jenny Coleman.

"She was just sick about it, Blue is such a sweet dog."

KATU confirmed with the animal control officer with The Dalles Plice Department that they responded to W. 9th Street for the report of an injured animal, but they said there were no witnesses and they don’t have any suspects in the investigation.

Police don't think the dog's family is making up the story or has anything to do with Blue's injury.

Jenny Coleman posted about the incident on Facebook Monday saying, “He was filleted open from his anus to his testicles and required emergency surgery. His urethra was also damaged.”

Coleman said her vet told her he had never seen a wound like this in his entire career, and that it wasn't inflicted by a knife or an arrow, but was an intentional, malicious attack.

Blue is recovering from the ordeal, and is getting back to his friendly old self.

He's always been everybody's buddy, making the rounds around the neighborhood to say hi" said Coleman.

"From now on though, he won't be outside without one of us with him."

Police haven't had any other similar cases of animal abuse, which could get whoever did it jail time or a fine or both.

There is a GoFundMe account set up to help pay for veterinarian bills.

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