'The house shook quite a bit': Fallen tree damages Sherwood home and two cars

A tree fell on a house and two cars in Sherwood on Dec. 18, 2018. Heavy rain and strong winds pelted the area overnight before the tree topples over. Erica Seward, a resident in the home, thanks Sherwood firefighters for their quick response. Photo courtesy Erica Seward.

SHERWOOD, Ore. – A Sherwood couple woke early Tuesday morning after a tree fell on their house.

Resident Dave Seward says he thinks the sound of the tree coming down shook him awake.

“We woke up around 3:18 to our house rumbling. The house shook quite a bit. Woke up, looked outside, couldn’t see outside and knew right away it was a tree that had fallen,” Seward said.

The large tree damaged two cars and the Seward’s home. A branch pierced through the ceiling of an upstairs room.

This isn’t the first time the Sewards have had tree trouble. Earlier this year, they had another tree removed from their yard after they noticed branches kept falling off it.

The couple plans to call the tree service back to take care of the fallen tree.

The Sewards said they’ve already called their insurance company.

The couple thanks Sherwood firefighters for their quick response.

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