Police: Thief steals two cars from Portland family on back-to-back days

A security camera caught the man police say stole two vehicles in two days from the same family.

Another family has fallen victim to Portland's car theft problem -- not once, but twice.

On Tuesday, the Vithique family started their Toyota Tacoma pickup truck in the driveway of their Northeast Portland home to warm it up before they left for school.

While they were inside, someone hopped in the front seat and drove away.

"It wasn't even two minutes we were inside, the truck was gone," Damian Vithique told KATU. "It was not even there."

The Vithique's reviewed their security camera footage, which captured the man's every move.

"He walks out," Vithique said. "He throws a backpack and gets in, closes the door and then he just takes off."

The following day, the same man returned.

This time, Vithique says, he stole the family's 2002 Honda Odyssey minivan.

Vithique's mom saw the man on the security camera and went outside to try to interrupt the theft.

"My mom walks out to try to stop him," Vithique said, pointing at the video. "Then he just gassed it and was gone."

Vithique said both car keys were on the same key ring.

Portland police confirmed the man was responsible for both thefts.

Since Jan. 1 more than 6,500 cars have been stolen off Portland streets.

Police strongly recommend against leaving an unoccupied car running to warm up.

"If the car is running, someone should be inside," a Portland police spokesperson told KATU.

"If you see anything, like the car or a similar suspect," Vithique said, "just please report it."

The truck was used mainly for work.

If you have any information about these thefts, you're asked to call Portland police:

  • Reference Case Numbers: 17-409651 & 17-410980.
  • White 2017 Toyota Tacoma, Oregon license plate: 474 JNP
  • Tan 2002 Honda Odyssey, Washington license plate: APK8228
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