Those aren't 'baby great white sharks' washing up on the Oregon Coast

ODFW shared these photo of a shark photographed by Joe Metzer near the New River south of Bandon last week.

BANDON, Ore. - Those aren't baby great white sharks.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reports receiving questions in recent weeks about sharks washing up on the Oregon Coast.

"While these sharks do resemble a great white shark, they are actually their close relative the salmon shark," the state said in a Facebook post.

Juvenile salmon sharks can be found on beaches any time of the year, but are most common during the summer months. They are born off of northern California or southern Oregon and follow water currents and food. Some juveniles end up in waters outside of their ideal temperature range and just aren’t able to thrive. These usually end up perishing and sometimes wash up on Oregon beaches. The number and locations of reports this year are not unusual.

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