Lincoln City police say school shooting threat was a hoax

Lincoln County closed schools Friday, Feb. 9 after learning of a school shooting threat.

Lincoln City police say they have determined a threat found at Taft High School on Thursday was a hoax.

Because of the threat, the Lincoln County School District decided to close schools in Lincoln City on Friday.

A message posted on the district’s website and was sent to families and staff during the night that says police were investigating a threat to Taft 7-12.

The Lincoln County School District first made the announcement around 8 p.m. Thursday. Two hours later, they announced all the schools within city limits would be canceled Friday.

The county closed Taft 7-12, Taft Elementary, Oceanlake Elementary School and Career Tech Charter High School.

After investigating a possible school shooting and interviewing almost 40 students, law enforcement officials do not believe the threat was real. Students will return to school Monday.

Police said the threat was "graffiti style."

The Lincoln City Police Department said it is still investigating the incident in an attempt to figure out who wrote it.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that all schools in Lincoln County would be closed. That was incorrect, only the schools in Lincoln City.

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