Former Tigard High School teacher and coach accused of sexually abusing two students

Marcus Jolley mug shot courtesy Tigard Police Department

TIGARD, Ore. – Police detectives arrested a former Tigard High School teacher and coach Thursday who’s accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with a student in July 2005 and a second victim in 2016.

Marcus D. Jolley, 40, was arrested and indicted on five counts of second-degree sex abuse and one count of third-degree sex abuse.

Police began investigating Jolley in the summer of 2017. They said the investigation intensified when a second victim contacted Tigard police.

Jolley is accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with a high school student beginning in July 2005 and continuing throughout the year. The second victim says he or she was abused in 2016.

Police say both alleged incidents occurred while the students were attending high school.

According to the Tigard-Tualatin School District, Jolley was employed with the district from the 2005 until he left in 2016. A district spokesperson said he mainly taught language arts and reading.

He served as an assistant coach for softball, football and baseball.

"I recognized his name, then I looked at the picture, when I saw his face I was like, 'Wow, not too surprising,'" said Sonice Deitas, a former student of Jolley's. "I was a little shocked but I figured it was coming sooner or later."

Deitas said Jolley acted like a student and tried to fit in with student athletes. He said he didn't have the normal boundary between students and faculty.

"I could see him, from time to time, he would smile, smirk at certain girls," he said.

In 2016, Jolley joined Sherwood Middle School as the Assistant Principal, according to the district. In May 2017 he resigned.

Jolley was lodged in the Washington County Jail and is awaiting arraignment. The court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 13 at 8:30 am.

Tigard investigators urge anyone with information or who may be aware of other possible victimization to contact 503-718-2677 or at

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