Tigard police know house well where victim of homicide found

TIGARD, Ore. - Investigators are trying to learn what led to a homicide outside a home in Tigard.

The apparent shooting death Sunday night is the third homicide in Tigard this year - a statistic police say is extremely rare.

Jim Wolf, spokesman for the Tigard Police Department, told KATU that officers know the house on Southwest Hamlet Street well.

They responded to four calls there last month alone, including a disorderly conduct call on May 22 as well as a call about suspicious behavior on May 12 and a domestic-related call the day before that.

Wolf said someone inside the house called 911 just after 8 p.m.

"It was a call stating that someone believes that they had heard a gunshot," said Wolf.

When officers arrived, they found31-year-old Seth Cramer dead on the side of the house.

They also discovered a man named William Schultz, 26, had been taken to the hospital with a wounded leg.

William Nelson Schultz

Schultz was treated and released by doctors and then arrested on a charge that's unrelated to the case, a parole violation.

Wolf said there's no indication this was a random act, and that neither of the victims was residents of the home.

"We don't know, for whatever reason, why both of these individuals found themselves at this location," said Wolf.

Neighbors, including one young man who asked to remain anonymous, described the house as "sketchy."

"A lot of suspicious activity, a lot of people rolling in," said the young man, who KATU is calling Sam -- "just a lot of cars rolling in, people come up and down the road."

Sam said he graduated from Tigard High School last year and that he went there with a boy who lives at the home.

"I knew him in the 8th grade and then after I found out he was getting into a lot of stuff, I just kind of stopped hanging out with that group of people," said Sam

At one point Monday, a KATU crew saw an SUV pull in to the home's driveway.

A woman and a teenage boy got out.

The crew tried to talk with them but the boy told a KATU reporter to leave as he and the woman ran inside.

Sam said he didn't know who was killed.

"It's shocking to hear that something like this would happen so close to my house," Sam said. "I'm kind of like emotionally distressed, just kind of in shock that everything went down the way it did."

Police waited to release Cramer's identity until after they had a chance to notify family members of his death.

Lt. Michael Rouches, spokesman for the Hillsboro Police Department, said a vehicle involved in a hit-and-run on a mailbox there last night is registered to someone who's had some sort of contact with the people at the Tigard home.

Rouches said officers have seized that vehicle and are looking for the driver.

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