'Tigger' the dog doesn't let his deformity bring him down

Tigger's paws didn't form correctly, and now the organization taking care of him is hoping to raise enough money to get him surgery (KATU News photo)

BROOKS, Ore. -- The foster family of a dog named Tigger, who was born with a serious deformity, are hoping to find him a forever home.

Before they do that, they have to raise about $8,000 to help Tigger get surgery to get specialized prosthetics -- his paws didn't form correctly when he was a puppy, and he now essentially walks on his wrists all day.

Because this gets painful, he likes to hop around on his hind legs -- hence the name Tigger.

"His bones are so deformed it would take someone special to [operate on him], but that's out of my price range... that's why we've had him for so long," Bonnie Graham with the Savin' Juice organization told KATU.

Click here to donate to Savin' Juice.

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