Tiny e-Alarm produces ear-piercing sound to scare off potential threats

Emily Hubbard carries the device everywhere on her keychain. (KATU)

The creators of the e-Alarm, a personal loud warning device, say it works on repelling everything from moose to grizzly bears.

But its real market is for anyone who finds themselves a potential crime victim.

Nursing student Emily Hubbard says the device gives her piece of mind.

“When you pull the top off, it sends out a really loud alarm and it’s statistically supposed to scare off any kind of burglary as well as moose and bears and things like that,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard said her father recommended the device when she moved to Portland this summer for accelerated nursing classes.

“I keep it on my keychain at all times,” she said. “And I always have my keychain. As a nursing student, we have weird hours and were out in the city doing stuff all the time, so it really does make me feel a lot safer.”

The e-Alarm produces 120 decibels for about $16, but also comes with a louder warning for a few dollars more. A more expensive version connects the device to 9-1-1 in addition to producing an ear-piercing sound.

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