6-year-old's death in Molalla crash is tragic reminder to buckle up


Derick Bedwell had a bright future. He just graduated from kindergarten and was looking forward to the first grade, but he'll never get there.

The six-year-old was killed Friday night in a crash in the Molalla River Recreation Corridor. His aunt, Jena Miller, says he was in the car with his twin brother Dylan and their 10-year-old sister, Rebecca while their mother and her boyfriend were driving.

Accoridng to Molalla Fire, two of the children were in one of the adult's laps when the car spun out and went up an embankment.

Derick was ejected, and died.

"I think this is the worst thing that could happen to anybody," she said. "The boys as far as I know, their sister was not in car seats or seat belts and the car went off the road."

Their mother, her boyfriend, Rebecca and Dylan were taken to the hospital. Miller says Dylan is bruised all over his body and Rebecca may have a broken arm. Miller says they'll be okay, physically, but mentally, she's worried about the emotional damage that will incur after losing their brother.

Miller remembers Bedwell as a rambunctious, outspoken boy. She says she'll miss his smile the most.

"You can see that he was just gonna be something special. He's so smart and the way he looked at the world and was always happy," she said.

Miller is still in shock. More than anything, she says as a mother, she's angry because her niece and nephews weren't protected.

"You can't expect little kids to understand the importance of putting on a seat belt," said Miller. "It's just really surreal that something like this has happened and I'm angry. I'm really angry. This was an accident that didn't have to happen."

She hopes the loss of Derick will remind families to buckle up, no matter what.

"I don't want another family to go through what our family is going through now."

She says the children's biological father, her brother, was not in the car when the crash happened.

Miller suspects alcohol played a role in the crash.

Monday morning, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office deputies said they arrested Shane Richard Bremer, 34, from Hubbard, who was driving the vehicle at the time of the crash. Bremer faces charges of reckless driving, four counts of reckless endangering, three counts of fourth-degree assault, third-degree assault, driving under the influence of alcohol, and first-degree manslaughter.

Miller set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for Derick's funeral.

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