Town hall held on state audit critical of Portland Public Schools

(KATU Photo)

Portland Public Schools board members got an earful Wednesday night during an emotional town hall on a recent state audit critical of the district.

“Your new administration is doing absolutely no different than your old administration,” one woman said during the town hall.

Oregon Secretary of State auditors and Rita Moore, chair of the Portland Public Schools Board, heard from concerned parents at PCC Cascade.

The state's audit of PPS came out last month. The secretary of state's office says it showed PPS has failed low income and minority students, and board Chair Rita Moore didn't deny it.

"We have a moral obligation, particularly to students of color, because Portland Public Schools has failed students of color, students living in poverty for generations, and we now have a new administration that is dedicated to turning that around," she said.

Moore also voiced her support for Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero. She said his team is working to transform PPS into a student-focused district.

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