Train carrying logs derails in Salem, may affect morning commute

A train hauling logs derailed near Front Street NE and Hood Street Tuesday night. (Photo: Salem Police Department)

A train loaded with logs derailed Tuesday night and police say it may affect Wednesday morning’s commute.

In all, at least six cars derailed.

The derailment happened at Front Street NE and Hood Street NE around 8:45 p.m.

No one was injured.

The crash closed several streets in the area. After crews cleared the tracks of the cars that had not derailed, they reopened the roads east of Front Street. But it won't be until the morning when they will be able to remove the logs from the six derailed cars and finish clearing the tracks.

Police are asking people to stay clear of the area where the train stopped, because of the fear the load may shift and fall on someone.

Police said railroad officials are heading to the scene.

It is unclear why the train derailed.

The train wasn't carrying any hazardous materials.

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