Transportation officials: Don't procrastinate planning your eclipse travel


The Oregon Department of Transportation is warning last minute travelers they could miss the eclipse if they wait until Monday, August 21 to hit the road.

The total solar eclipse that morning will likely be the busiest traffic event in Oregon's history, and ODOT urges eclipse fans to be in place well beforehand or risk getting stuck in traffic.

Post-eclipse travel may present even MORE problems, according to ODOT.

With hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road at the same time, the trip home may be the most difficult part.

ODOT's advice?

Arrive early, stay put and leave late. Treat the eclipse as a 3-day event.

Below are four rumors ODOT says they wish they could "launch into a black hole."

  • ODOT is NOT planning to close any highways. Traffic may do that all by itself, but ODOT doesn't plan to, unless it's a short closure for emergency response.
  • ODOT is NOT planning to turn any highways into one-way roads. The staff required to perform that safely is not available, according to ODOT.
  • ODOT is NOT prohibiting big-rig traffic in Oregon. The agency says it's restricting one specific kind of truckload, which is over-width loads, but all other kinds of vehicles should be expected.
  • Rest areas will be open, but they will NOT be available for camping.
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