TriMet committee narrows list of artists to design Hollywood Transit tribute wall

An advisory committee looks through portfolios of artists who want to design a permanent tribute to honor the heroes attacked on the MAX last spring. (KATU Photo)

TriMet's advisory committee is looking to preserve the temporary memorial made at the Hollywood Transit Center for the heroes of the MAX train stabbings.

A commemorative plaque is already in the making, but there are plans to also make a tribute wall.

In Tuesday night's meeting, the committee, made of diverse artists and community members, narrowed down a list of artists who will be designing the permanent mural.

"We hope this will become a place of healing and love. We want to honor the sacrifice of those who stood up to hatred and violence on May 26th," said Tia York, a spokesperson for TriMet.

Jeremy Christian is accused of stabbing three men: Taliesin Myrddin Kamkai Meche, Ricky Best and Micah Fletcher. While Fletcher survived his injuries, the others passed away. In the days and weeks following the attack, hundreds of people left message of love and support outside the transit center.

TriMet hopes to make it permanent.

"I want to basically feel some of the support when I visit the memorial at some point," said Mohamed Alyajouri of the Muslim Educational Trust.

Alyajouri is representing the Muslim community. He's one of the members serving on the advisory committee.

"I'm the only non-artist in the room, so I feel like I have a lot to learn from these professionals, but I want to give my input as a member of this community," he said.

Twenty-eight artists applied for the job. During the meeting, the committee poured through each portfolio, checking off important criteria.

"I think it needs to represent the community in its entirety. We have some folks who are still impacted today of what happened, still facing some hateful dialogue and incidents 'til today," said Alyajouri.

The committee wants to make sure the artist who will be selected can create a safe space for folks to reflect and remember not only the heroes, but also the support from the community.

The artists chosen Tuesday night will have to present a concept design of their mural before the committee. The final artist will selected in January.

The plaque will be unveiled May 26, 2018 on the anniversary of the attacks.

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