TriMet, Google unveil app that turns smart phones into Hop Fastpass

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Have you ever wanted to ride the bus or the MAX but don't have any cash or coin on you?

Google is helping to fix that problem, teaming up with TriMet to create a virtual Hop Fastpass in Android Pay.

Users can download the app and purchase a Hop card, then pre-load it with money or link it to auto-pay.

The 'tap-and-go' type payment cards are already available for riders on TriMet, C-Tran or Portland Streetcar.

Chris Tucker, TriMet’s Director of Revenue Operations, said this will expand the current system.

“With that technology, it only earns you up to a day pass and only is for adult fares. This brand new functionality will allow you to earn the month pass and it will work for honored citizens and youth,” said Tucker.

TriMet plans to start beta testing the app later this month and roll it out early next year.

According to Tucker, this is the first transit fare card virtually in Android Pay in the world.

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