Hop Fastpass launches, making transportation easier for riders

FILE - Data shows that buses are getting stuck in traffic and trips are taking longer, negatively affecting service. (KATU Photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – TriMet will celebrate the launch of its new Hop Fastpass Transit Fare Card Monday morning.

MAX and bus riders can buy a hop card for just $3.

Riders can load the cards with money either at the store, online or over the phone.

To use the cards, riders tap them at kiosks at their stop, then climb aboard. The card works for TriMet buses and trains, C-TRAN buses and Vine, and on Portland Streetcar.

"It’s really important for riders to tap every time they ride. And another cool feature is that they can go from a Trimet bus, to CTRAN, to Streetcar, one card manages all of their transit," said Tia York, public information officer for TriMet.

TriMet said the Hop Fastpass is easy to use and it will save people money by only charging them for the ride they take.

“Hop eliminates the need to pay upfront costs for a monthly pass. You will earn a month pass once you've taken enough rides to earn that rate,” York said. “You don't have to pay in advance and if you don't ride, you won't lose any money.”

Once riders reach the cost of a day pass, rides are free for the rest of the day. The same goes for a month pass. Once rides total the cost of a monthly pass, riders will not need to pay more for the rest of the month.

Monday’s official launch event will take place at TriMet’s Light Rail at SW 11th Avenue at 10 a.m.

The Hop Fastpass is sold at transit offices and retail stores including Fred Meyer and Safeway.

For more information, visit the Hop Fastpass website.

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