TSA: Man couldn't take gun on plane, so he hid it in a planter

PORTLAND, Ore. - A retired Delta Airlines pilot is accused of hiding a gun at Portland International Airport in a planter.

Police say that 69-year-old Soren Muir Johnson, who is from southern Oregon near the town of Eagle Point, brought a .22-caliber pistol to the airport and couldn't get it through security. He then went back out to the airport lobby where he hid the gun in a planter box.

According to the Port of Portland, it happened on June 24.

Johnson asked TSA screeners at the security checkpoint what he should do with his firearm. They told him to go back to the ticket counter, and that's when TSA employees watched Johnson hide the gun in the planter.

Johnson told police he hid the gun so he could pick it up when he returned from his travels.

Johnson was arrested and charged with reckless endangering.

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