Tucker Maxon powers up 128 solar panels with help from PGE grant

Students at Tucker Maxon will be able to monitor how much energy the new solar panels on the roof of their school will generate. (KATU Photo)

A Southeast Portland school just got a lot greener.

Tucker Maxon off Holgate and 29th took a major step Friday toward self-sustainability.

Thanks to a grant from PGE the school was able to get 128 solar panels installed on top of its gym.

On Friday, the school officially powered up the solar array and started generating its own power.

In addition to the sustainable energy, the school says it also gets to teach its students about clean energy.

"There is a monitoring system on the internet, and there is a monitoring station at the school where the kids and the parents and the teachers will be able to look every day and see how much energy we’re creating with our new solar panels," said Glen Gilbert, executive director at Tucker Maxon School. "So it’s really exciting that it’s not just about energy creation but also about teaching the kids."

Tucker Maxon is a nonprofit school that helps kids who are deaf or having hearing and developmental problems.

The new solar panels are expected to produce more than half of the energy the school uses every year.

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