Two Pacific Univ. football players accused of robbery, riot for attack on teen

Booking photos for Jeremy McGoldrick and Christopher Goosby from the Washington County Jail

Two Pacific University football players are facing robbery charges after they were accused of starting a street brawl at a Forest Grove home on Saturday night.

Washington County sheriff’s deputies first received reports about 5 p.m. of a disturbance at a house on North Davis Court.

Deputies said they learned that Christopher Goosby, 18, of California and Jeremy McGoldrick, 19, of Hawaii went to the house to buy marijuana from an 18-year-old before attacking the teen. They are freshmen on the football team.

Both players left the scene before deputies arrived.

Deputies were called back to the house about 45 minutes later on a report of more than a dozen people fighting in the street.

"They were screaming outside, so I jumped outside and there was a bunch of kids trying to fight. They were over here on the property and I told them to leave. I had my wife call the cops," said Juan, who didn't want to share his last name. He lives in the same duplex.

Initial reports say that Goosby and McGoldrick returned to the house with several other members of Pacific University’s football team. Juan says they came in three different cars, about 12 of them total. He said some of the people involved in the brawl were wearing bandannas over their faces.

Deputies say only Goosby fought with the teenager in the second incident. Witnesses say the other people were standing around while watching. Goosby and McGoldrick threatened to come back a third time with more people, deputies said.

"It's not okay because I have a bunch of little kids here, it's not okay for them to be doing that," said Juan.

For a second time, deputies say, the football players left before they could arrive on scene.

Juan says the victim, who he knows well, is okay.

Deputies worked with Forest Grove Police and Pacific University security staff to find Goosby and McGoldrick in a dorm room on campus.

They were both arrested and booked into the Washington County Jail on second-degree robbery, harassment, and riot charges. Bail is set at $262,500 for each man.

Pacific University responded with the following statement:

We are very disappointed to learn of the incident yesterday involving two or more of our students. The alleged crimes do not reflect the values of Pacific University, and we will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies through the entirety of their investigations into this matter.

Additionally, we are reviewing the incident in accordance with our Student Code of Conduct, and will determine appropriate actions and next steps.

Tui Tuietele is also a football player at Pacific University, but he says he was no involved in Saturday's incident. He told KATU News he learned about what happened Sunday morning. Tuietele says players are told to be good role models in the community, to be a good spokesperson for the football team and university. In this case, he says these players involved let the team down.

"It's disappointing as a univerity and a football program to know that your colleague and your teammates did that," he said.

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