Unhealthy air not stopping some from exercising outdoors

Unhealthy air didn't keep Barbara Farmer from riding her bike around the Grant High track on Monday as part of rehab for her knee. (KATU Photo)

The Portland-metro area may be experiencing bad air quality, but that isn't keeping everyone from exercising or playing outdoors. KATU found people running, biking, playing tennis, and swimming at Grant Park in Northeast Portland Monday night.

"I don't feel threatened by the air quality, and I want to get a little exercise," said Barbara Farmer, who lives nearby. "It would have to be pretty bad for me to break my routine."

Farmer was seen biking around the Grant High track as part of her physical therapy program.

"I'm rehabbing a total knee replacement and bending it is the best thing I can do," she said. "I want this knee to get better."

Margaret Davis and her son Roy Perleberg were spotted playing a game of tennis.

"Well, I noticed the bad air quality but nothing has happened to me," said 10-year-old Roy.

"We're not really running an Ironman here," said Davis. "We're just going out for a bit of exercise, so I'm not feeling the threat."

Both Farmer and Davis admitted they would likely change their routine if they noticed the effects of unhealthy air.

"Maybe if there were severe health warnings," said Davis.

"I guess if I started coughing or got congested, I would be concerned about that," said Farmer.

Air quality is expected to remain unhealthy through Wednesday.

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