Vancouver's waterfront transformation is set to add 20 city blocks as new vision unfolds

Mock-ups of the Vancouver waterfront development (Courtesy Gramor Development)

A new vibrant community is coming to Vancouver’s historic downtown waterfront. Thirty-five acres along the Columbia River will transform into 20 new city blocks, an area for people to live, play and work.

“It’s been pent up. There is a lot of reasons why people should be in downtown Vancouver," said developer Barry Cain of Gramor Development. "There are a lot of people that want to be here.”

Cain said big names like Larry Kirkland and Charles Stone have designed and will light the Grant Street cable stay pier.

“It will be one more attraction, one more reason for people to come. You know this is the most significant natural resource in this whole area, the Columbia River,” he said.

A waterfront park covering more than seven acres will spread parallel to the Columbia River.

The first residential building built will have 190 apartments available with underground parking. Across the street, Ghost Runners Brewery, Twigs Bistro and WildFin Grill have all signed up to move into a new restaurant building.

“This is going to set the stage for downtown Vancouver for the next 20 years,” said Cain. “This is going to be the big thing that is going on in the Portland-Vancouver area.”

The City of Vancouver believes Esther Short had this sort of vision in mind when she dedicated the land 150 years ago.

If everything goes as planned, folks will be able to enjoy the park, restaurants and shopping as early as spring of 2018.


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