Vets say prepare pets for eclipse

Veterinarians say your dog won't need solar eclipse glasses. (KATU Photo)

Your solar eclipse glasses won't fit your dog -- veterinarians say to put away any tape or string, the glasses aren't needed for pets.

"Those commercial eye care products for dogs aren't necessarily going to be protective for these eclipse viewing," said Sarah Tauber, a veterinarian for Dove Lewis. "Animals won't directly look into the sun like we're all told not to do."

Tauber says for pet owners in the path of totality, where large crowds are expected, the ensuing traffic and loud noises could cause problems for pets.

"Mostly, keep them inside. A lot of people have indoor, outdoor pets, and I think the safest thing to do with a lot of the changes that are going to be happening during the weekend is just to keep them inside," Tauber said.

The Oregon Department of Transportation says the eclipse will cause record-setting car traffic.

"It might be hard to get to your regular vet. Or if people are traveling, know where the clinics are that are going to be open," Tauber said.

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