Victim of alleged hate crime says man yelled racial slurs, harassed her on streetcar

Carolyn Preston said she was sitting behind Ian Schmidt on a streetcar when he started yelling racial slurs at her. (KATU Photo)

Ian Edward Schmidt appeared in court Tuesday afternoon after police arrested him for an alleged hate crime on a Portland Streetcar.

Portland police say it happened near Southwest 10th Avenue and Jefferson Street Monday morning.

Carolyn Preston told KATU News Schmidt started yelling racial slurs at her when she sat down behind him in the streetcar.

"I said, 'Pardon me. Are you talking to me?' That's when he started calling me all sort of black b's and stuff and told me he didn't like black folks and he had a knife," she said.

Preston said he wouldn't stop yelling slurs at her, and she worried he might attack her.

"When he jumped up, I jumped up, and I had some tweezers and was going to stick him with 'em because he said he liked to kill black folks," she said.

According to arrest documents, police saw Schmidt chase after Preston in an "aggressive manner" after the streetcar stopped. Preston said she was trying to grab her dog that had slipped away from her.

Preston said Schmidt fought with the officers, forcing them to slam him on the ground before arresting him.

Schmidt is charged with second-degree menacing and intimidation.

"I just hope he doesn't target another Afro-American with the rage that he has," said Preston.

If you saw or have video of what happened, police want to talk to you.

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