Video: Ammon Bundy delivers message from jail

Ammon Bundy delivers message from jail (Arnold Law, Eugene Lawyers/ YouTube)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU) -- Ammon Bundy's lawyers have released a video in which he delivers a message over the phone to the remaining refuge occupiers: "please stand down."

Bundy currently sits in the Multnomah County Jail with 10 other standoff members arrested this week.

In the video posted to his lawyers' YouTube page, attorney Lissa Casey sits on a bed with Ammon's wife Lisa Bundy who has the phone on speaker. (

Bundy's attorney Mike Arnold speaks first, stating how he wants the recording of the phone call to be sent to refuge occupiers, but not posted publicly.

"Please remember that anything you say could be used against you," Arnold tells Bundy. "Trust no one and remember that your neck is sticking out."

A moment later Ammon's voice is heard on the phone call.

"To those at the refuge, please stand down. This was never meant to be an armed standoff," says Ammon Bundy. "We only came to expose abuse and educate people about their rights protected by the Constitution of the United States. Please do not make this something it was never meant to be. Go home to your families."

Through his attorneys, Bundy has repeatedly asked that the remaining occupiers stand down and surrender. But after a court hearing on Friday, attorney Mike Arnold said he had heard that the occupiers don't believe that Bundy has actually asked them to quit the occupation.

"Being that this is a federal courthouse, and we can't get cameras in the courtroom - they still haven't heard it from his own mouth," Arnold said.

Arnold said he tried to negotiate with the remaining occupiers through backchannels, but those talks went nowhere. He also said he's heard through the media that the occupiers won't leave because Bundy wasn't released.

"That is a horrible idea, Arnold said. "The process is working."

Four remaining refuge occupiers continue to hold their positions and post live videos that reveal their hyper-vigilance against federal officials who may try to move them out.

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