Video shows deputies with guns drawn before discovering home intruder is a Roomba

Body cam video shows Washington County Sheriff's Office deputies responding to a "burglary in progress" call at a home on April 8, 2019. They discovered the "intruder" was a robot vacuum. Video courtesy Washington County Sheriff's Office

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ore. – The Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to a “burglary in progress” at a home Monday – only to discover the culprit was a robotic vacuum that was trapped in a bathroom.

Now, body cam video shows the responding deputies had their guns drawn while ordering the “suspect” to come out of the bathroom. They even warned the “intruder” that if they didn’t come out of the bathroom, a K-9 deputy would bite them.

“I think there’s an intruder in one of the bathrooms,” the 911 caller said in the video. “But the bathroom door is locked. We see a shadow moving around and the door is closed.”

When deputies responded and heard the sounds coming from the bathroom, they thought they had a good idea of what the “suspect” was trying to do.

“My initial thought is OK, we’ve got this person barricaded in the bathroom. Now, he’s trying to get out through that small bathroom window,” said Brian Rogers from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. “But we actually find the suspect inside the bathroom doing a very thorough vacuuming job because it was a robovac.”

When a deputy found the vacuum, he can be heard in the body cam video saying, “There’s the bad guy!”

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