Video shows driver strike pedestrian on NE Portland sidewalk

Driver hits pedestrians near Wilkes Park in NE Portland.jpg

PORTLAND, Ore. – A pickup truck driver went onto a sidewalk in Northeast Portland, striking at least two people near Wilkes Park.

Home surveillance cameras captured the event as it unfolded on Thursday, Jan. 10, showing the driver accelerate toward the group and onto a sidewalk. The driver then appears to pursue the group.

The video captures one man being hit by the front of the truck and sideswiping another man.

Portland police say no one in this case has come forward. Authorities say they're trying to identify everyone involved, including the driver for possible charges.

Jose Gonzalez shared the video with KATU News. He said he installed the cameras to prevent crime.

"I think that everybody who sees that video was shocked. It’s the last thing you expect," Gonzalez said.

Last week, Gonzalez said he noticed something was wrong when a 200-pound rock was moved. He said he reviewed the video and found out what happened.

"It’s a pretty heinous crime and even if those kids don’t want to report it, I think it still needs to be looked into," he said.

Portland police said North Portland patrol officers were shown the video and are looking to identify the truck and the driver involved.

If you know anything about this, police want you to give them a call.

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