Vigil held for bicyclist killed in crash with garbage truck

A picture of Tamar Monhait hangs from a fence during a vigil Friday evening to remember her. (KATU Photo)

Dozens of people gathered Friday evening in Southeast Portland to remember a woman who died this week in a tragic accident.

“All of us are in shock, but I know we want to understand the facts and the truth about this event,” said Michael Monhait, the father of Tamar Monhait, who died.

He wants answers as to how exactly his daughter was killed. The one-time bike messenger was riding on Southeast Water Avenue on Monday when she collided with a garbage truck.

While the family waits for the results of the police investigation, all they can do is reflect on Tamar's life.

“She had the purest of souls, the most contagious laugh -- when, if you were to read the Facebook feed, everyone is commenting on her laugh,” said Sue Monhait, Tamar’s mother. “It was distinctive, and it was always present. She was also sweet, always happy, also engaging.”

Tamar graduated with honors in engineering, but art and music were her true passions, and that's what she pursued here in Portland.

Her father says she was also an organ donor. Her kidneys and liver have already been transplanted. In death, she saved three lives.

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