Vigil held for Vancouver man whose body was found after missing for nearly a week

Friends and family of James Rennells are gathering to remember him tonight at a candlelight vigil in Vancouver.

The 41-year-old was last heard from more than a week ago.

Family didn't have any answers about what happened until his body was discovered on Wednesday.

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Missing father's body found in park, cause of death under investigation

The vigil is at a turnout near Leverich Park because this is where his truck was discovered.

His fiance says last Friday night, she talked with him on the phone and he said he was on his way home.

But he never showed up.

Police discovered his car on Saturday.

Days later -- his body was found at the same park.

We spoke with his fiance about the importance of tonight's vigil.

"The support is almost overwhelming, but it's welcome and I feel really blessed and grateful for it," says Kashala Wilkinson. "I know I'm not alone and I know that she is going to know who her dad is through all these people who know him and love him. I don't want to say knew because we all know him. It's not past tense. He's with us no matter what."

Rennells had two daughters: a 19-year-old and a seven month old.

Vancouver police continue to investigate what happened, but say it could be a few weeks before they determine how he died.

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