Waiting for a marriage license

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Not knowing what the judge's decision would be, couples took their chances and lined outside the Multnomah county building for hours Monday, hoping it would be their wedding day.

Shilpi Banerjee and Laurel Gregory try to get comfortable with folding chairs and coffee.

Six hours to go till a federal judge makes his ruling.

"Having trouble sleeping last night because you're so excited about it," Banerjee said.

They're excited about a ruling that could overturn the gay marriage ban, and put them first at the counter inside, to get a marriage license.

"We left Minnesota right before they overturned the amendment there, we just missed our opportunity to get married there so... it's Oregon's time," Gregory said.

They sent us a picture of their "commitment ceremony" five years ago, their daughter Lucette in the middle.

She's 16 now. Being legally married has a lot to do with her.

"Little hiccups like that -- taxes, papers drawn up for our daughter so that Shilpi's able to have the same rights that i have to our daughter," explains Gregory.

Shilpi's still here on a green card. They're certain if they were married, she'd be a citizen now. But these moms know even if the ruling goes their way, it could be overturned.

Like when three thousand couples standing outside this very building in 2004 had their marriages voided months later.

"We're not gonna be disappointed. I guess we just have to go through with the focus of 'this is the time and the place and it's about time, right?'

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