Washington County Fair asks visitors to not pet the animals

A sign warns fair-goers not to touch the animals or their pens. Because of E. coli fears, organizers of the Washington County Fair have put up these signs. (KATU Photo)

HILLSBORO, Ore. – Officials at the Washington County Fair are asking fair-goers to not touch the animals this year.

They say at the 2016 fair, a few people got sick with E. coli. So, fair organizers met with county health officials to make changes.

Visitors will now see signs on all the animal pens in the barns in an effort to prevent an E. coli outbreak.

Officials said they’ve added more washing stations outside the barns and they’re also limiting where people can walk inside the barns.

“The droppings happen. It's a fair; that's the thing. We want to try to avoid that foot traffic,” said Lisa Dupre, marketing and events coordinator.

Organizers said the wheels on strollers can also pick up manure on the ground.

They’ll hand out plastic bags for anything that might get dropped in the animal exhibits.

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