Washington State Patrol runs out of money to buy back bump stocks

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Washington state's bump stock buy-back program ended just hours before they will be banned under federal law.

Bump stocks, which are the type of device used in the October 2017 Las Vegas shooting massacre, will no longer be legal to own starting Tuesday, and the Washington State Patrol (WSP) has been offering $150 to state residents in exchange for turning theirs in.

The Legislature set aside $150,000 for the program -- enough to buy back 1,000 bump stocks. But by noon Monday, every last dollar from the fund had been spent.

"We did have some folks from the community show up with their bump stocks to trade in not realizing the $150 was no longer available, and they actually took their bump stocks and went home," said Trooper Will Finn, spokesperson for WSP in Southwest Washington.

Finn says 122 bump stocks were turned in to the Vancouver office. Vouchers were handed out for 96 of them before they ran out.

The State Patrol says it will still continue to accept bump stocks, with no penalty against the person dropping them off, but they can't pay anything for them. All bump stocks collected by the State Patrol will be destroyed.

Anyone who still has a bump stock in their possession also has the option of destroying it themselves. Federal guidelines for destroying bump stocks can be found here.

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